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3 Nov 2017

పద్మార్పిత ఒక విలువైన వజ్రం! - పి. జనార్ధన్

Hi...Hello....First of all I am sorry I don't have proper telugu script. If anything is not in correct manner please change words. Here I am expressing my views in English and Telugu...hoping that you translate them into sweet telugu language script. Sorry for causing inconvenience.
పద్మార్పిత కవితల్లో ఎన్నో జీవిత అనుభవాలు జీవితసత్యాలు దాగి ఉంటాయి. ఎంతో పరిపూర్ణం ఉంటే అంత అధ్బుతంగా రాయలేరు. రుబిక్స్ క్యూబ్ ను జీవితంతో పోల్చి రాసిన ఆమె కవిత చదివిన నాకు ఆమె గురించి రాయాలి అనిపించింది.

"Life is like a Rubik's cube, you go through twists and turns, difficult at first but with constant practice and determination it gets better. At the end there is always a solution. Life is a puzzle, the more you try to resolve it, the more you will get trapped in its mystery. So, let the life lead it's way and let it teach you the lesson at every phase. The game of life has two participants...spectators and players. Pick one"....Padma.

Life is like a Rubik's cube, you go through twists and turns, but there is always a solution. But we can't solve her like a Rubik's Cube, we can't twist and turn her emotions to find out what works. instead, learn about her, observe what happens when she is silent, when she isn't her happy self, just be there for her and listen. She won't give up on you, but she might give up on life. Like a Rubik's cube she have many configurations don't assume her or figured her out by seeing one side many layers are there inside. "She is a Solitaire Diamond"